Try Snowboarding in the French Alps

morzine-snowboarding-3Snowboarding in the French Alps has been a popular pastime with all types of winter sports enthusiasts from around the world for many decades and this is an experience that should not be missed. Although there is a large number of popular ski resorts to pick from in this enchanting part of the world, one of the best locations to go snowboarding has to be the slopes that are situated around the famous ski town of Chamonix. This enchanting town is France’s oldest ski resort and is situated in an enclosed valley underneath the mighty Mont Blanc.

The winter sports season in Chamonix starts around the end of November and runs all to the month of May. The best way to make sure that you get the best value for money when arranging a snowboarding vacation in Chamonix is to do a little research in advance to discover the various different options that are available. Taking the time to look around rather than going for the first deal can help to save plenty of cash in the long run.

One of the main reasons that Chamonix is so popular among winter sports enthusiasts is because it boasts five different ski areas that comprise a total of more than seventy runs. Chamonix is situated at a stunning elevation of 1,035 m and also boasts the highest ski run in the world. The stunning ski runs at Chamonix are ideal and snowboarders and skiers of all levels and there are also forty five lifts provided to take snow bunnies to the top of their selected slope.

Experienced snowboarders and skiers who are feeling particularly daring are sure to want to tackle the impressive off-piste run that is situated on the stunning Vallee Blanche. This hair-raising run takes snowboarders and skiers on an incredible 21 km journey through the valley providing spectacular scenery along the way.