The World’s Leading Ski Resorts

Anyone who wishes to combine exploring scenic winter wonderlands with winter sports will find that there is an excellent range of different ski resorts around the world to choose from. The leading resorts in the world offer plenty of impressive pistes to choose from, excellent accommodation and a good range of other activities and amenities. People who are planning their next winter sports trip will want to check out this overview of some of the world’s leading ski resorts.

St Anton

Night-by-Wolfgang-_3360837bSt Anton can be found in Austria and is famous for its pure powdery slopes and excellent off-piste routes and is particularly popular among expert skiers. However, people who are just learning to ski will also find plenty of slopes here that are ideal for beginners. In fact, St Anton features fifty meticulously manicured ski slopes, which span an impressive 440 kilometers. The longest of these runs is 10 km, while there are also high tech lifts and cable cars for skiers and snowboarders to make use of.

Aspen Highlands Resort

Aspen is located in the state of Colorado in North America and has been attracting skiers from around the world for decades. There are four main resorts to choose from at Aspen, with the Aspen Highlands resort perhaps being the most affordable and easily accessible. This stunning resort offers a total of 131 exciting ski trails, including some of the most challenging slopes in the whole of Colorado.


Zermatt is the most fashionable ski resort in Switzerland, which is a country that is well known for its excellent pistes. Zermatt boasts three separate ski zones to choose from that cover a combined total of 394 km of slopes. Expert and intermediate skiers are really spoiled for choice here and there are also some great slopes for beginners to make use of.