Snowboarding Versus Skiing

Ski-vs-SnowboardSnowboarding and skiing are two of the most popular activities that can be experienced on a winter vacation and these exciting winter sports are available at most of the leading ski resorts around the globe. Anyone who has never tried snowboarding or skiing may be a little nervous at first and unsure which one to go for. Read on to discover about these two popular types of winter sports.

Getting into the Skiing Groove

Skiers are given special poles that they can use to help them keep their balance on the slopes. Unfortunately, knee injuries are rather common among skiers, particularly among people who are new to this type of sport. Skiing is best suited to powdery snow and slopes that come complete with bumps. When it comes to pure adrenaline and velocity, nothing can beat the thrill of skiing.

Getting Groovy with Snowboarding

Although no poles are used in snowboarding, this type of winter sport is actually much easier on the knees compared to skiing. However, snowboarders are more likely to experience wrist injuries, which can be minimized by wearing special wrist guards. Snowboarding is best on powdery snow and this type of winter sport involves more variation and skill than skiing as there are lots of different types of tricks to learn.

The Best Places to Experience Skiing

Zermatt in Switzerland is a great place to take a skiing vacation and there are three different skiing areas here studded with stunning ski resorts. Riding the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise cable car up to the top of the pistes is an exciting experience that visitors are sure to love. Other exciting places to try skiing include Cortina d’Ampezzo in Italy and Kitzbühel in Austria.

The Best Places to Experience Snowboarding

Snowboarders should search for resorts that offer lots of powdery snow and Davos Klosters in Switzerland is absolutely ideal. Serre Chevalier in France is another great snowboarding location, while other good snowboarding locations include as it boasts great free-riding with plenty of parks and two half pipes for free styling, Verbier in Switzerland and Flims Laax Falera in Switzerland.